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Baker Engineering, along with sister company Kinetic BEI LLC., has several in-house development projects underway.  Two of these are radical new engine technologies featuring high horsepower, high BMEP targets.  In addition, a small Fuel Injection System is being developed to deliver multiple fuels, including military grade diesel, to small engines. 


Current Technologies

Development technologies currently underway include a Nutating Disk Engine, a revolutionary engine concept capable of producing up to 4 times the horsepower of a traditional four stroke engine; an Opposed Piston Diesel Engine, a compact engine featuring a combination of off-the-shelf parts and new innovations that combines to deliver a high power-to-weight ratio; a Diesel Rotary Engine program that is converting a gasoline powered rotary into one compatible with military grade diesel fuels; and a small fuel injection system targeted at diesel engine applications under 50 Hp.  Details of each are provided below.

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