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Check out BE's expanded facility now filling more than 20,000 sq.ft.  If the picture tour isn't enough, give us a call at (616) 837-8975 and schedule a walking tour.  Visitors are always welcome.

Machine Shop

All machining, production and prototyping, take place in one dedicated area within the facility.  This clean, well-equipped area is adjacent to the evnironmentally controlled Quality Laboratory, the Weld & Fabrication Shop and a Test Lab.




















Assembly & Testing

Assembly at BE comes in many forms and many levels of complexity.  One example is  Pro/Cam racing engine components which are manufactured and assembled at Baker Engineering.  More complex assemblies, such as racing engines and development engines are pictured below.  These assemblies all feature parts designed and produced by BE.


From individual part testing to assembly testing, BE has a variety of test laboratories and fixtures to conduct perfromance and durability testing.  The photos below show  BE's engine dynamometer test labs, and custom part test rigs. 




Design & Engineering

The Engineering offices at BE feature several seats of Pro-E Wildfire, as well CFD Ansys/FLUENT software, and FEA analysis.  From concept to engineering to CNC programming for part manufacturing, BE has the staff and software to make it happen.  



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